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Ziad Al.Moussawi

Ziad Tariq Hameed Al.Moussawi

Chief Executive Officer of Zebra Developments

Over sixteen years of experience in business management and developments. As a team player he brings his attributes of reliability, effective communication and active listening.


His problem solving ability, business administration and troubleshooting skills fosters an environment of respect that ensures delivery of tight timelines. To monitor all facets of daily operations which included sales and marketing, risk management, staff management and recruitment, cost and budget management, investment management, proprietary software development, contact negotiations and infrastructure development.


A successful business owner started from a small manufacturing units to handling a production and marketing team of 240 employees.


Excellent understanding of the growing marketing trends in Canada. Knowledge of local and neighboring areas and a member of a strong networking team that offers vital inputs on business development.

Ziad Al.Moussawi
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