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Sammouna Franchise

Know of the next perfect location for our leading proven Sammouna Fast Casual brand? Are you an entrepreneur? Want to be your own boss and run your own business with support? Looking for a solid long term investment with growing future returns? Are you passionate about our incredible food? Looking for Freedom, Flexibility, and Control with a healthy work life Balance?

Why reinvent the wheel when we are already perfected the Shawarma, Kebab, Kifta, Tikka, Souvlaki and Falafel? Our streamlined proven system eliminates much of the cost, error, and risk of starting and running your own business. With a talented leadership team combined professional restaurant experience from three continents, and industry leading recipes passed down through generations, our innovative unique fusion is taking North America by storm.


Our professional and proven, modern Sammouna Franchise System consistently outsells typical restaurants both daily and annually by 100% - 300%+


Hamburgers, pizza, and glutenous sub sandwiches have all had their days  Not only that, they are just boring, and not health conscious meals, which is why their organic sales are in decline or now flat here in North America, where ethnic demographics are rapidly changing, and people are becoming more careful with their daily food choices.


The Modern Sammouna System with uniquely flavourful healthy worldly cuisine is one of the very few cuisines with projected growth forecasted well into the future. already #1 in most of the world outside North America, We prepare everything fresh in our restaurants daily, From all natural ingredients and Real Food, our loyal customers are quick to appreciate our differences from the usual bland chemically pre-processed fast food landscape.


North America is ripe to catch on to what the rest of the world already loves and craves about this wonderful fresh high quality food quickly prepared right before their eyes, fom Doner Kebabs in Turkey and London, Gyros in Greece and Australia, Shawarma in Lebanon and Amsterdam, Shish-ke-bab BBQ in India, Eastern Europe, and Asia, to Tacos El Pastor in Mexico and Brazil We have taken it up a notch here at Sammouna with our unique fusion and our modern, clean, state of the art efficient operations.


We are progressive, healthy, attractive, fun, and well positioned to be The Future of the Quick Service Fast Casual Restaurant industry, very successfully and consistently competing head-to-head in close proximity to North America's largest established fast food chains. Sammouna brand offers a professional affordable modern state of the art turn key franchise package system with a superior menu, design, operations, supply chain, training, support, and quick Return On Investment for our investors and business owners.

Turn Key Sammouna Store Investment:

Franchise Fee: $25K

Turn Key Food Truck or Store: $150K to $500K (depending on store size and format options discussed with our exclusive Franchising Sales and Developments Partner Zebra Developments Ltd.)


Monthly Royalties:  3% + 2% (marketing) of Gross Sales

Time to Locate, Lease, Build, Hire, Train and Open: 3 to 6 Months


We are a growing company. Our profitable, progressive and desirable individual Franchises and Master Multiple Store Geographical Territory Licenses are being offered in Ontario Canada. If you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, please contact our exclusive Franchising Sales and Developments Partner Zebra Developments Ltd. at:


We have prime locations ready to go, and would like to meet with you.


Our goals are to make sure our customers have a great food and dining experience every time they visit, so they return with their friends, and that our franchisees are happy, profitable, and always have all the resources they require to succeed.


We look forward to sharing our proven formula, tasty food, service, vision, support and success with capable partners like yourself.  Be in business for yourself, but not all by yourself. We offer you Freedom, Flexibility and Control for finding your ideal family work-life balance.

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