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Your home is truly your castle, the only thing missing is the Palace Kitchen! Our company philosophy ensures that your dream kitchen project won’t demand a King’s ransom to see it through to completion either.


Zebra Developments most important set of considerations includes the best possible quality workmanship that can be obtained on a budget that makes sense to you and doesn’t allow for any surprises along the way.

Whether it’s a smaller upgrade to the existing kitchen space or something more dramatic in scope, we can do it all, do it extremely well and in order to keep the Royal bookkeepers happy, do it on time and on budget.


As with any renovation project, there will always be some disruption, but another critical aim of Zebra developments is to minimize disturbances as much as is humanly possible. The payoff will be a finished kitchen project in your castle that puts a Royal Smile on your face every time you enter the room.

Kitchen Renovation and Construction
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