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Finished Basements

Your basement is one of the most flexible areas in the whole house. It’s ubiquitous in providing the foundation, but can also be used for storage, hosting, as a bedroom/bathroom, gym; the list could go on and on. There is no set criterion for what the basement is used as or for, like say the kitchen, meaning whatever you desire can be molded through the development of your basement.


If your basement is not currently developed, why not utilize it to its full potential? Making the mistake of leaving your basement a barren wasteland that collects dust and old Christmas memorabilia is an unfortunate use of space and a plays a part in providing an underwhelming valuation of your home.


The addition of a game room, theatre room or an exercise room is not out of the question if you have the space. Even if you just want a little extra capacity and increased traffic to your lower level, basement renovations can make that happen.

Finished Basements
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